Mindful embroidery KIT – BASIC – CUSTOMISED

10.400 Ft

Mindfully embroidered by YOU.


This KIT is your first step on your mindful embroidery journey.


Let’s see what is included:

– embroidery hoop – 15 cm, wooden

– 3 needles

– thread – 6 packs, different colours, 100% cotton, made in Hungary

– booklet – every step is explained

– card – if you would like to give it to somebody as a gift 🙂

– customised hand-written pattern on the magic paper – you can stick this paper on your material; it dissolves with water after embroidering

– fankapanka sticker

– invitation to our private FANKAPANKA embroidering Facebook group, where you can ask questions, share experiences, get to know like-minded people.


How to buy:

1. Choose your favourite text/pattern that you would like to embroider with this KIT!

2. If you chose a text, please write it in the Notes during the ordering process. If you chose a pattern, please send me via mail to hello@fankapanka.com

3. Order!

4. Your KIT will arrive in 10 days, but hopefully, sooner! 😉



– this BASIC KIT does not include any textiles to embroider on

– this KIT is perfect to use on the materials you have at home, so you can give a second life to them <3


In case of any questions, don’t hesitate to mail me to hello@fankapanka.com.

I hope we will embroider together!